Lost Wages (round 2)

Joerg Mayer jmayer at loplof.de
Tue Nov 5 19:40:48 CST 2002

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 07:00:11PM -0600, Jeremy Newman wrote:
> >   -- menus still don't render right in Kongy 3.0.3:
> > 	http://www.dssd.ca/bad-konqy2.png
> Ach mein got! I blame the Konq people, it couldn't possible be MY code.
> <g>

Under the very specific circumstances that things look fine with the
current cvs of kde3.1 I thend to agree with you :-)

> >   -- maybe the rounded rectangles are a bit too oval?

me too , me too, me too

> picky, picky.


> Yeah. Seems that Konq is REALLY having trouble with my style sheet. The
> default theme should have sans-serif fonts. In yours it's serif. More
> fodder for me to not recommend Konq. Heck, my 2.2 version renders the
> site beter than your 3.0 ver.

My default theme is sans serif, I'm only complaining about the classic one

Keep up the good work - and in order to make we won't complain any more,
you'll just have to outlive everyone on the list ;->

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