Fwd: WINE virus thing

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Wed Nov 6 01:30:53 CST 2002

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 07:11:53PM -0500, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
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> Subject: WINE virus thing
> Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:33:29 +0100 (MET)
> From: Marcel Partap <mpartap at gmx.net>
> To: dpaun at rogers.com
> Dear Dimitrie,
> I am not on the mailing list for wine so please redirect this to the list,
> thank you very much.
> I've read the Wine weekly news and would like to help out a bit.
> About that security thingie and the problem that some apps need manual
> parameters or something (the user has to do more than click-click) I would
> recommend following solution:
> Most Nintendo 64 Emulators use INI-files, in which for each game (ROM Image)
> the name and shit is listed and the best options specifically for this game.
> I would recommend to do it exactly like this in WINE: a Application database
> file with weekly updates (like Antivirus definitions) which contains the
> names and file attributes of the (tested) application (MD5??!) and eventually
> the parameters necessary to run the program. Wine could then have a secure
>  mode (turned on by default) in which only applications from the DB (MD5!)
>  can be run and an unsecure mode in which it will run any EXE.
> This would solve multiple problems at once:

> ...

The database would be huge and a support nightmare, since just everyone would
be asking to add md5sums. And they change with every service pack, every 

Ciao, Marcus

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