Proposal for WINE Development.

Gregory Hicks ghicks at
Wed Nov 6 04:35:08 CST 2002

Hi All,

I have been a silent observer on here for some time. (about 2 years or so).

In the course of this time it has occurred to me that you are developing
WINE with the aim of allowing all M$ platform programs to run on the
_much_ more stable Linux platform.

In light of some recent news here in Australia,
(this link is to the article Alston opens agencies to linux )

I am proposing that wine take to two distinct streams:
    1)    Office Stream, which provides for the Office and business tool

    2)    Games Stream, which offers the gaming community the place to
            play their games.

The purpose of this proposal is to bring some ease in your developments
and provide the right platform for the end user.  Since Linux so easily
boots alternative kernels, this would mean that the machines could
be business and games, just not at the same time.

Why?  MS developed NT for business use and 95/98 for games.  Even
they couldn't make one platform for all and still can't.

That's my 2c (as the saying goes).  I will leave this to the people better
and experience than myself to decide if this has any merit.



Gregory Hicks
Adelaide Australia

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