Proposal for WINE Development.

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Wed Nov 6 07:55:43 CST 2002

--- Gregory Hicks <ghicks at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been a silent observer on here for some time. (about 2 years or so).
> In the course of this time it has occurred to me that you are developing
> WINE with the aim of allowing all M$ platform programs to run on the
> _much_ more stable Linux platform.
> In light of some recent news here in Australia,
> (this link is to the article Alston opens agencies to linux )
> I am proposing that wine take to two distinct streams:
>     1)    Office Stream, which provides for the Office and business tool
>              platform.
>     2)    Games Stream, which offers the gaming community the place to
>             play their games.
> The purpose of this proposal is to bring some ease in your developments
> and provide the right platform for the end user.  Since Linux so easily
> boots alternative kernels, this would mean that the machines could
> be business and games, just not at the same time.
> Why?  MS developed NT for business use and 95/98 for games.  Even
> they couldn't make one platform for all and still can't.
Not to start a flame war, right? ;)

Wasnt Win2k Pro designed for just that purpose, games _and_ business?  And
besides, the 2 streams already exist. for Business
and for Games is the middle ground for everyone to work from and send
back to so if you want 2 in 1 without having to have 2 separate copies of
wine, then you can.


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