Forgive the intrusion

Robert Amstadt bob at
Wed Nov 6 08:38:02 CST 2002

Please don't let me distract you from your important work, but Thomas 
Wickline asked me to stop in and say hello to all of you.  I understand 
that we are approaching the 10 year anniversary of Wine.  That is a 
remarkable feat.  All of you should be proud to be contributing to this 
effort.  It is an amazing piece of software.

Though many of the names I see on the WineHQ web site are new to me.  I 
continue to see Alexandre Julliard's name on this work.  I had the pleasure 
of meeting Alexandre many years ago and I am so glad to see that he 
continues the work after so many years.  Alexandre, if you read this, thank 
you very much for all that you have done for free software.

Thank you to the rest of you as well.  Wine has been a team effort from the 
start and is so successful because it is a team effort.  When I stepped 
down from leading this project, I knew it would continue due to the efforts 
of all the people that have helped along the way.  It not only has 
continued, but it clearly thrives.  I'm amazed at the number of people that 
know what Wine is.

Congratulations to all of you Wine developers.  You are amazing people.

Bob Amstadt
bob at

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