OT: Wine history

Robert Amstadt bob at amscons.com
Wed Nov 6 10:22:42 CST 2002

As far as the very beginning, it started from a discussion on USENET.  Some 
people said it couldn't be done which inspired me to begin writing a 
loader.  Another person (unfortunately I don't remember who) started to do 
the same thing at the same time.  I don't remember the details, but my work 
became the base system that everyone adopted.  Eric Youngdale contributed a 
substantial amount of code in the early days.  Someone else took the lead 
on developing the windowing code.  I don't remember who.  Was that you, 
Alexandre or did you join in after that?

> As far as Bob goes, there was a posting back in
> '96 or '98 about his involvement with TWIN.

Yes, about the time Alexandre took over maintaining the Wine releases, I 
took a contract position working for Rob Farnum doing TWIN development.  I 
continued working for Rob until Willows Software was bought out by Award 

> Weird fact of the day: Miguel de Icaza was cited
> as an early contributor to Wine.

Yes, he was.  I personally remember accepting patches from him.

Bob Amstadt
bob at amstadt.com

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