Interrupts / Move most of int31 to winedos

Andreas Mohr andi at
Wed Nov 6 10:47:33 CST 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 08:37:26AM -0800, Robert Amstadt wrote:
> >Sure, I know that (I'm working on DPMI32 which isn't for standard mode
> >Windows programs), I was probably being a bit unclear about
> >what I was wondering about. It is quite difficult to find any information
> >about Win32s nowadays and everything I have found was suggesting that
> >Win32s was for running Win32 applications on Win16. Since Wine does run
> >Win32 applications directly it just made me wonder whether Win32s support
> >is something that was once needed when Wine only had Win16 support.
> Win32s was an add-on to Windows 3.1 to allow it to run 32-bit Windows apps 
> before Win95 was available.  The "s" in Win32s meant that it was a subset 
> of Win32 because features like threading and others simply weren't 
> available in Win32s.
If anyone needs that, I guess I could easily dig up the mail from Ulrich
Weigand that explained the miracles accomplished at that time in great detail.
(it was not much more other than pure luck that we were able to do what we
did with Win32s support)


P.S.: Hello Bob: great to see you around again ! :)
(and no, at *that* archaic time, *I* haven't been involved yet !)

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