docbook (was: Re: ComputerName)

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Wed Nov 6 11:40:07 CST 2002

Am Mit, 2002-11-06 um 18.19 schrieb Dimitrie O. Paun:

> I had a similar reaction (never touched troff before), but you're
> better off than trying to install the docbook tools :)
> I guess that nobody did it (you have to set up the .sgml -> troff
> conversion as well).

That's a no-brainer, really, since docbook tools need to be present
anyway. "docbook2man" is the tool of choice. All recent Linux
distributions come with docbook.

The converted man pages could be part of CVS (as some other
autogenerated files are) so that users wouldn't be required to have
docbook in order to generate the manual pages.

The benefit would be that the man pages would be ready for PS/PDF/HTML
conversion, and could go into e.g. an appendix of the wine docs.


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