debugging a lockup in Planescape Torment

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Nov 6 14:25:34 CST 2002

Enrico Horn a écrit :
> On Tuesday 05 November 2002 20:29, Eric Pouech wrote:
> > > RFE:
> > > Actually I am not interested in debug msgs after the debugger started.
> > > Could there be an option that an debugger start turns off debug msgs.
> >
> > set - all
> >
> the debugger is called on an unhandled exception
> the debugger call in the AeDebug registry key has --debugmsg -all set
> but after wine prints the unhandled exception line and calls the debugger
> there is still a lot of debug output after that
set - all is a debugger command. beware also that --debugmsg -all option
when starting winedbg will turn on debug message for the winedbg
process, it won't turn them off for the process you're debugging. 'set -
all' command will

> I tried the workaround cause it prints out the symbols name
> but no symbol name was forthcoming. 
you must turn on printing for the warn channel message.

> in debugger window there is a lot of gibberish shown like
> Unknown type '#'
> or
> Unknown type '&'
> and a lot of very long
> failure on blah blah blah
> prints that span multiple that what you mean?
are you still debugging a windows app ? normally those messages come out
while loading an ELF module, compiled as a C++ module
as wine (and all it's component) is only compiled as C, I don't get
where all these come wrong
(unless your windows program is C++ and has been compiled with mingw)


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