IDL/header issues

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Wed Nov 6 14:30:20 CST 2002

On Wednesday 06 November 2002 12:50 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Ove Kaaven <ovehk at> writes:
> > You added enum attr_type and changed stuff to use that instead of
> > the bison tokens from (no real idea why). Probably around
> > 30 lines.
> I think it was to fix a problem with header dependencies. Sure, you
> can merge that into rewind.
> > Well, I try to do a smoke test by doing a patch --dry-run against a
> > clean wine tree. I'm also known to diff against the wine tree
> > itself under certain circumstances, but in most cases it doesn't
> > seem necessary.
> It's not really necessary, but it would make my life easier. And
> especially if you already do a dry run it doesn't seem much more work
> to apply the patch into your wine tree and do a cvs diff from there.

as usual, I'm happy to fill in any gaps between Ove's submissions and 
Alexandre's needs.

In case they are helpful for Ove or anyone else, here are my shitty, but 
handy, little scripts to generate "perfect" wine-patches compatible 
patches.  They assume the presence of "wine" and "wine.test" 
directories in the same location.  so, for example, let's say a full 
vanilla cvs wine exists at


Just do

  cd /some/random/place
  cp -a ./wine ./wine.test

Now hack on or patch /some/random/place/wine however you want.  To 
generate a diff for all the changes, put the 3 attached scripts into 
/some/random/place/wine, with execute permissions, of course.  The 
names are important, keep them.  Now just do

  cd /some/random/place/wine
  mkdir mydiffs
  ./bigdiff.full > mydiffs/patch_for_alexandre.diff

Out will come a beatiful diff ready for submission to wine-patches, 
including appropriate handling of any added or removed files.

There is no need to "make clean" in /some/random/place/wine before 
running the script -- but you may need to do so in 

Oh, and if you create a new directory you'll need to do so in /both/ 
trees manually, the scripts don't handle missing directories very well.

What they do:

  generates a diff between all files that exist in both trees 
  generates a list of files that are only in one tree or the other.
  generates a full diff of all changes ready for submission to
  wine-patches, including diffing new/deleted files 

These probably contain references to stuff peculiar to my tree, of 
course, but ought to work for anyone nevertheless.  They are the result 
of incremental hacking over time and are a /terrible/ example of shell 
script design, and probably contain bugs, so you should audit the 
output manually before you hit the *send* button :)

Uh.. these are public domain, please feel free to slap your company name 
on these, and sell them, for millions of dollars, without sending me 
royalties -- just don't complain to me if they format your hard drive.


Do you frequently think "there ought to be a law..."?
Afraid that people you /don't like/ have too much FREEDOM?
Concerned about the unequal powers of the EVIL RICH?
Think the government could solve your neighbor's problems?

You aren't the first.
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