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Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Wed Nov 6 15:58:56 CST 2002

Dimitry Timoshkov wrote:
> On November 6, 2002 11:47 am, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > If anyone needs that, I guess I could easily dig up the mail from Ulrich
> > Weigand that explained the miracles accomplished at that time in great
> > detail. (it was not much more other than pure luck that we were able to do
> > what we did with Win32s support)
> That'd be good. Is there _any_ reasonable reason for not dropping
> the silly Win32s altogether?

Those hacks are needed only to support running the original win32s
subsystem (i.e. the win32s.exe including its libraries) as 16-bit
application under Wine.

Win32s *applications* should run just fine as *32-bit* applications
under the Win32 API provided by Wine today.  At the time I've done
those hacks (1998), the Win32 support wasn't quite as good as today,
so this was one way to get 32-bit applications running ...

Nowadays, I don't really see much reasons for keeping this.  There
is one potential reason: the Win32s libraries did export the one
or other routine that is not part of the actual Win32 API, mostly
having to do with support for 32<->16 bit thunking under Win32s.

There might be some original Win32s-applications that use those APIs,
which could conceivably fail under Wine's Win32 API.  (We do implement 
some of these, like the UT thunk routines, but not all as far as I recall.)

However, I don't have any actual example; and if those hacks prevent
other development work, there's no sense in keeping them IMO.

(In fact, I have no idea whether all this still works after all
the reorganizations that have been going on in the mean time,
like address space separation.  Maybe this code is completely
useless anyway ;-/)


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