notepad and richedit - why?

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Nov 7 08:39:23 CST 2002

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Shachar Shemesh" <wine-devel at> wrote:
>>I'm trying to revamp notepad a little. In particular, I'm trying to add 
>>the "select font" option to it. This is problematic under the RICHEDIT 
>>control, as each character there can, potentially, have it's own font.
>>In addition to that, I see such programs as an important tool to unit 
>>test various components (in this case - the edit control). As a result, 
>>I am wondering whether anyone minds renaming the current notepad to 
>>"wordpad", and letting me convert notepad back to EDIT, and add the 
>>missing stuff? I promise to get around to wordpad later on.
>Personally I don't see the point of having two distinct applications
>with almost the same basic functionality. I'd suggest to have some flag
>in notepad which represents current text format and behave accordingly.
>Something like this:
>If plain text - enable font selection menu item and change the whole
>text font. Otherwise, disable font selection at all.

I don't quite see it that way. Putting aside for a second the technical 
difficulties of changing the font for an entire RICHEDIT control, if you 
are going to display each character as a different color, you will need 
some means of selecting the color for each character. That's what an 
editor is all about. To me, the difference between notepad and wordpad 
is the difference between a text editor and a word processor. They are 
completely different products (albeit - wordpad is a pretty crappy word 
processor, and so not very useful).

Then again, I have failed to properly load RTF files in the wine 
notepad, or find anything else in which it is improved when compared to 
the windows notepad. What am I missing?


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