Wine 0.8 TODO v0.2

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Nov 7 10:15:22 CST 2002

Andreas Mohr a écrit:
> On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 10:33:50AM -0500, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>>On November 6, 2002 01:59 pm, Joerg Mayer wrote:
>>>How about providing a distributions directory where the (in)official
>>>maintainers for the distributions can just check in whatever they want
>>>once they are found/named?
>>Let's just first find them, that's the hard part. We can figure out
>>where to put the binaries, once we have them around.... :) *That*
>>is not a big problem.
> I'd suggest a top-level directory like distrib/ or package/.
> Hmm, or is there some kind of "standard" on naming such directories
> to be used by the various package scripts ?

Quite a few projects have a debian/ top-level directory. For others, I 
don't think there's is; I have seen .spec (for RPM) files (or 
in the root of the project a few times.


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