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> Folks,
> This time in HTML & Technicolor, at:
> Please take a look, and let me know if you think
> anything needs to change. If you are listed there
> on a task, a status update would be more than
> appreciated. If you feel like working on something,
> I would like to know to add you in there.
> NOTE: most tasks don't require coding, so don't be
> shy, and step up to the challenge. ;)
> -- 
> Dimi.
Dimi (et al)

I guess I could do B.2; Move CVS Docu from User Guide to Devel guide.
Before doing so, though, I just want to check what that means.

I presume that this means moving the "Getting Wine Source code from CVS"

I wonder if that is exactly what we want.  Are we trying to avoid scaring
beginners and non-programmers?

If we basically mean that the user Guide will not talk about getting the
source and compiling it on your own machine then we might as well also move
"Getting Wine Source Code from the FTP archive" and "Upgrading Wine with a

If we basically mean that we suggest that the user be able to build from
source but only from the FTP archive versions then do we really need the
"Upgrading Wine with a patch"

If we support the user being able to build from source but don't want to
scare them then all we need to do is drop the talk about changing the code
and diffing (and maybe adding a little more hand-holding to the cvs section
a la dummies guide).

Also if we go towards the "build from source" we are going to have to
address little issues like the tendency not to install the compiler these

My suggestion is that, since we are talking about fairly stable releases, we
ought to move all the sections concerned with building from source.

Guidance please.


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