Wine 0.9 TODO v0.3

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Nov 7 17:03:12 CST 2002

Lots of updates on this one:

The actual TODO included below as text, for your
commenting convenience.

A. WineHQ work 
Website redesign [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: Jeremy Newman 
  status: backend is getting finalized 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Reorganize the navigational menu [DONE] 
  worker: Francois Gouget & al. 
  status: merged into new site 
  updated: Nov 5, 2002 
Create some really sexy screenshots [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: ? 
  status: just starting 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
criteria: one app per screenshot, avoid cluttered desktop 
  Rework the FAQ interface [IN PROGRESS] 
  workers: Dimitrie O. Paun, Keith Matthews, Thomas Wickline 
  status: close to first public release 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Enlist some 'official' distribution maintainers [DONE] 
  RedHat: Vincent Béron 
  SUSE: Marcus Meissner 
  Mandrake: Kye Lewis 
  Debian: Ove Kaaven 
  FreeBSD: Gerald Pfeifer 
  status: completed 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Create nice page with apps that run virtually flawless [IN PROGRESS] 
  workers: Carlos Lozano, Dustin Navea 
  status: 20% 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
  criteria: not MS dlls required, no tricks, etc. 

B. Documentation work 

We need to first figure what is out of date. [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: Dustin Navea 
  status: just started 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Move CVS docu from User Guide to Devel Guide [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: Bill Medland 
  status: just started 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 

C. Wine configuration 

Merge configuration into the registry [TODO] 
Write control panel applets for editing it [TODO] 
Have decent defaults so we can start control panel without prior configuration [TODO] 
Have wizard like app to autoconfigure wine [TODO] 
  proposal: WineSetupTk by Jeremy White 
Make Wine's DLLs register themselves to avoid manual merging of the winedefault.reg [TODO] 
Write wine.inf script to setup a new Wine installation [TODO] 
Have a wineboot script for RunOnce stuff [IN PROGRESS] 
  workers: Andreas Mohr, Shachar Shemesh 
  status: 50% 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 

D. Stabilize utilities 

Get rid of the init directive from .spec files [DONE] 
  worker: Alexandre Julliard 
  status: implemented by this 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Make sure the .spec file format is fairly stable [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: Dimitrie O. Paun 
  status: investigating 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
  what: can we get rid of the rsrc directive? 
Ensure the various utilities' options are stable [IN PROGRESS] 
  status: Alexandre fixed winebuild options 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
  what: audit the other utilites 
Get rid of the Perl testing framework [TODO] 
  worker: Dimitrie O. Paun 
  status: started looking at it 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 

E. Important fixes 

Window management rewrite, so we can install apps in managed mode. [TODO] 
  worker: Alexandre Julliard 
  status: not started 
Finish DLL separation Phase 1 [IN PROGRESS] 
  worker: ? 
  status: ntdll, and kernel not done 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
  criteria: DLLs should use only functions exported through .spec file. 
Detect printing system at runtime [TODO] 
  worker: Huw Davies 
  status: Yup, I'm going to do this in the near future. 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 
Detect OpenGL system at runtime [TODO] 
  worker: Lionel Ulmer 
  status: Real Soon Now (TM) 
  updated: Nov 7, 2002 


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