Wine 0.9 TODO v0.1

Andreas Mohr andi at
Fri Nov 8 05:41:28 CST 2002

On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 08:50:49AM +0000, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Random idea: might it be worth creating a "Works With Wine" button,
> similar to the old web-browser buttons, these images could link back to
> the page on winehq with a description and screenshot (or maybe the
> appdb) and be sent off to the app maintainers. Obviously some (Microsoft
> :) aren't going to put the button up anytime soon, but others such as
> WinRAR etc may well do - it can't hurt to try and could be a good way of
> getting some free advertising to Windows users who may have never even
> heard of Linux before.
> I'm quite happy to try and knock up a design for this button and go ask
> the developers for software we consider "Gold" to put it somewhere on
> their site. So far most non-huge windows developers I've spoken to have 
> been pretty happy that their app works in Wine, so I don't think they'd
> mind.
> Comments?
Great idea, IMHO.

We might want to make sure there is no conflict whatsoever between a
certain point in time where it happens to work with Wine and a certain
point in time when *Wine* is considered "Gold" and thus the app is *supposed*
to work at that time, though.

But OTOH that "certification" would probably simply translate into a web page
where you can view which Wine version *exactly* with which Wine settings
*exactly* has been made to work, so there wouldn't be a conflict.

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