Some dead links on winehq

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Fri Nov 8 10:55:08 CST 2002

A small contribution to the winehq fixes: A list of dead or
non-functional links on the Development/References page.


	Wine API - mostly useless, IMHO  (is this really up-to-date? - 		at
least it shouldn't be on top of the page).
	Vintage wine sources - unfortunately out of


	Win32 API intro - dead
	WinDoc - only the "Local Mirror" works, the "at" links
	bring you to the main MSDN site.


	Unix98 - needs registration
	LinuxThreads - why is this linked here? AFAIK not used by wine


	The motif zone - dead
	lamentation - dead


	Internet Font archive - gone.
	X11R6 fonts - dead
	t1lib -dead
	Curvesoft - have ceased operations, a few tools still available.

x86 Assembly

	Intel Documentation - dead

Writings on software development

	Homesteading the Noosphere - dead
	Lisp... - I don't know why it's there, but I love it :-)
	The Open Source-revolution - dead


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