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Medland, Bill wrote:

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>>2) The wine guides as they are are so confusing to me on how 
>>to recreate
>>winehq that I cant even get make_winehq to work...  That may just be
>>something I'm doing...  Could someone explain to me how to 
>>get the docs
>>"compiled" so I can see them as they should look?
>I remember having some difficulty in setting my machine up to be able to do
>it so I sympathize.
>I'll try to help as much as I can.
>If you cd to documentation what happens if you
>1. make everything
>2. If that fails try
>2a. make ps
>2b. make html
>2c. make pdf

Ok when I ran "make everything" I got the following

db2html wine-doc.sgml
make: db2html: Command not found
make: *** [wine-doc/index.html] Error 127

So obviouly db2html was not installed on my system. I went to Ximian and installed all the docbook packages for my Redhat 7.2 system. after the packages were installed then I re-ran make "everything". It produced the html in wine-doc below documentation. I was able to call up the html in mozilla fine. So that solved that (for me)

There were quite a lot of packages for docbook and Ximian (bless its little heart) resolves all the dependencies so for me it was quite simple. However I'm not sure it will be so simple for others. Any suggestions/comments?


Tony Lambregts

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