Help support

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Fri Nov 8 12:22:59 CST 2002

On November 8, 2002 01:00 pm, Eric Pouech wrote:
> I have this on my todo list. it would be possible to implement a wine
> specific message passing between WinHelp API and wine's builtin winhlp32
> however, it would be rather difficult to support all the ways windows
> handles this (it does it differently in Win9x, NT...), so support of
> native winhlp32 (and winhelp) will not be provided

Well, it's better to have support for our winhlp32, than no help at all.
And besides, it makes even more sense in the light of the 0.9 release
where we should be able to run apps out-of-the-box without requiring
additional MS code. So yeah, if we at least can get builtin winhlp32
running, it will be good enough for 0.9 IMO.

> >  - CHM support, which is what most recent method of bundling help. CHM is
> > basically a bundle of HTML files, which makes things slightly easier...
> CHM is not supported by winhelp but by a specific OCX (hh the regular
> chm help viewer is basically: 1/ a decompressor 2/ an interface to an
> html viewer, that we don't have either)
> so, chm support is far from sight

I don't know. The decompressor can't be too big of a deal, given that
there is already a GPLed on. The html viewer is a problem, but according
to a recent thread, Mozilla-win32 runs just fine under Wine, and it
implements IWebBrowser & friends interfaces, which is exactly what we
need here, don't we?


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