Fun projects

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Fri Nov 8 12:55:57 CST 2002


It's Friday, I'm out of my meetings, weather is superb here
in Toronto (so I'm gonna go for a ride on my bike); this
calls for some lighter, more entertaining stuff.

So, if someone feels like doing something fun, here is a list of
interesting Wine-related projects:
  1. compile & run Wine under Cygwin (in Windows)
	This is too cool for words, when it's going to work.
	It will stress the heck out of Cygwin (good test case),
	improve out portability
  2. compile & run Cygwin under Wine (in Linux)
	This is also way cool, being the complement of 1.
	It will stress Wine a lot (another good test case),
	improve Cygwin portability
  3. compile wxWindows/QT/Gtk+ (in Linux), under Wine 
	All of these libraries compile under Windows.
	So they should compile under Wine just fine.
	Another superb test case for Wine.
  4. make a ghostscript driver that uses Wine to print
	When we are going to support native Windows printer
	drivers, this is going to allow ghostscript to use
	any of the existing gazillion printer drivers out there.
  5. compile OSS apps that compile under Windows under Wine
	This includes stuff like Mozilla, Gimp-Win32, etc.
	Lots of these are around, many of them hosted at

In fact, imagine if we get 3 done, and we can get all KDE/GNOME
working in Wine! (I know it's not easily possible, but just the
possibility is there :))

And yeah, don't ask me 'why would you want to do that?'. The
answer is: Because We Can! :) Really folks, just think how cool
these are! ;)

Comments, suggestions, additions, are welcome.


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