Making documentation - was RE: Docu updates question..

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Fri Nov 8 15:59:01 CST 2002

Greg Turner wrote:

>On Friday 08 November 2002 12:19 pm, Tony Lambregts wrote:
>>Ok when I ran "make everything" I got the following
>>db2html wine-doc.sgml
>>make: db2html: Command not found
>>make: *** [wine-doc/index.html] Error 127
>>So obviouly db2html was not installed on my system. I went to Ximian
>>and installed all the docbook packages for my Redhat 7.2 system.
>>after the packages were installed then I re-ran make "everything". It
>>produced the html in wine-doc below documentation. I was able to call
>>up the html in mozilla fine. So that solved that (for me)
>I seem to have the opposite problem... anyone have a clue what symlink 
>is likely to make wine the happiest in light of all these options?
>root at yodull greg # locate db2html
Looks like you don't have  db2html installed.  You need to install the 
sgml tools for your distribution.  I am not sure what they are called 
for you but they should be similar to the ones for Redhat. or you can 
download them and compile them from source. Please keep us informed.


Tony Lambregts

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