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Scott Pickett bbbvvgtm at
Fri Nov 8 11:18:11 CST 2002

I think the idea of the button is great!  I think you
need to rework the graphic.  (1) It's too big. 
Software publishers would view it as a small
additional message about their product.  As such, it
should be less than half that size. (2) Put "Linux" in
the message.  It will make it clearer to the
windows-user audience and be considered more valuable
to the software publisher.  "Linux/Wine Certified" or
"Runs on Linux+Wine" or some such thing.  (3) I'm not
knocked out about the graphic, but I'm not artistic,
so I don't know why.  3-D shadows, rounded corners,
non-white background???  It just doesn't grab me, as
is.  I think the basic idea is great, however.

Scott Pickett
Street Wizard Mapping Software

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