Wine 0.8: VB compatibility !!

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Fri Nov 8 22:47:46 CST 2002

This would be the first testcase that could involve a winedbg call. :)

> By running Visual Basic under Wine, of course.  Can't we do that?
> Even if not everyone can do that, that's ok; not everyone has
> to compile the test.  We want the compiled test to be run nightly
> along with the C/C++ regression test, IMHO.   So I don't see any
> reason to separate it from the Wine regression test.
> I do kinda see a good reason to separate all the regression tests
> out from the Wine tree, though: there are many implementations
> of Win32, and all of them can benefit from having a common
> win32 regression test.  So I'd happily go along with keeping the
> VB regression test out of the Wine tree if we did the same
> with the C/C++ regression test...

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