Fix for bug #688 (documentation building)

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Nov 8 23:04:45 CST 2002

Le ven 08/11/2002 à 23:13, Sylvain Petreolle a écrit :
> We should test if the db2xxxx or docbook2xxxx binaries are available so
> we could support both...

configure is where to do that. You do it? :)

> Otherwise some modifications must be done.
> A bad redirection order in command lines is causing missing error
> messages.
> Without patch attached , the 'db2xxxx : command not found' messages are
> redirected to /dev/null and people asking why tar is failing when
> adding non generated files.
> Comments ?

The unhiding of error messages is probably a good thing (especially if
people report some problems).

But if we first determine which one is installed (eg db2html or
docbook2html), then what is the best way to handle the absence of any of
those (aka "I can't build the doc")?

Last thing: make_winehq is not meant to build the documentation on a
general basis. make doc is for that, and the html files are now
correctly named with any one of the 2 patches I sent earlier (I think
the second one will get sent to wine-patches). There are some
differences between make_winehq and make doc: the first one buids each
guide separatly, then a big one comprising the four (5 directories in
total), and finally the same thing with another dsl, while make doc only
builds the big one. So we may want to add a make target to build the
different guides separately. But make_winehq is not the right thing to
call if you don't place the result on a website.


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