Wine 0.8: VB compatibility !!

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Sat Nov 9 05:41:44 CST 2002

I have a VB prog (see which I spent a long time getting
working under Wine and fixed all the oleaut32 Var* routines it used. However
if you look at that dll, there are still a huge number of stubs.
Additionally the date/time handling is (was, anyway) pretty useless. I would
strongly recommend if anyone starts writing VB testcases they try and
exercise the Variant cases as well as the standard types (...and no, I dont
have time!)

VB Window Icons dont work in the wine tree - Marcus sent me a fix for
OleLoadPictureEx which solves the problem but he never submitted it to the
wine tree (I have a copy, but not of the license it was under). Also, Icons
containing transparency dont work for me either, but thats not a vb thing, I

I never got printing working (wine and cups doesnt seem to handle hplj's
very well - I've seen a lot of problem reports about that) but aside from
that, the functionality worked fine as far as I could test. If I ever get
motivated I'll try to test the printing as there is a huge amount of code I
wrote to do a print preview, and that will probably highlight more var fn's


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