Fun projects

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Nov 9 12:14:08 CST 2002

> Yes, I get the same results. The reason seems to be the gcc with dev-c++ is
> the mingw gcc. My mingw gcc seems to run fine under wine (haven't actually
> tried to compile anything, just asked it for help) but any of the cygwin
> executables
> give a problem, which seems to be on startup when loading the cygwin dll.
> For example, here is the output from the most minimal example, true.exe
> (others
> seem very similar - by the way, I have included the cygwin directory in
> my path
> so it should get the dll.) Not sure if it's useful. This is running of
> my shared Windows
> drive
aren't you running native psapi ? try builtin (even if it misses a few

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