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Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Nov 9 17:06:30 CST 2002

On November 9, 2002 01:06 pm, Eric Pouech wrote:
> another way (absolutely not tested), would be to:
> 1/ extract html files (+images...) into a temp dir
> 2/ direct any browser to browse

This is certainly possible, and it should work, to some extent.
The problem with it is that it's a complete deadend, that can
not be massaged into the final solution. We know (correct me here
if I'm wrong), that ideally we want to end up using IWebBrowser
to implement it. If we start with this, we can give people a
good direction to hack on, and improve.

Now, to be honest, I have never user IWebBrowser (or any COM/OLE
object for that matter), but is it that hard to create, and use?
Even if in the beginning it does very little, it'd be way cool
to see if it works :) (not to mention a good starting point).


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