Wine 0.9 TODO v0.4

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sat Nov 9 21:19:02 CST 2002

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:


 >B. Documentation work
 >   1. We need to first figure what is out of date. [IN PROGRESS]
 >          * worker: Dustin Navea
 >          * status: just started, help needed
 >          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
 >   2. Fix documentation build process [IN PROGRESS]
 >          * worker: Tony Lambregts
 >          * status: just started
 >          * updated: Nov 9, 2002

Just to clarify I am not "fixing the documentation build process". I am
working on "fixing the the documentation for creating the
documentation". Vincent Beron vberon at

has submited some patches regarding the "documentation build process"
and he mentioned  something about improving it some more. To be more
precice he mentioned creating more build targets so that you could build
only the users guide html if you wanted to. This would be extremely nice .


Tony Lambregts

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