Making documentation - was RE: Docu updates question..

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat Nov 9 22:01:37 CST 2002

Le sam 09/11/2002 à 22:38, Dustin Navea a écrit :
> Sounds to me like we need a config check to see if db2html exists and if
> docbook2html exists, and if neither do, then it spits out a warning that you
> will not be able to build documentation until one is installed...  Alexandre,
> you wanna take this one?

That was something I wanted to do. But I just checked on my system, and
docbook2html and db2html don't do exactly the same thing. db2html has
more setup in it: creates an output directory, puts some images in a
subdir, and call jw with an output dir. docbook2html, OTOH, only calls
jw, without stating an output directory.
(jw is a wrapper for jade, which is the real worker in docbook

Keep in mind that that's on my system; I haven't checked how other
distros setup docbook-utils (and why sometimes only one of the two is


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