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Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Sun Nov 10 05:33:30 CST 2002

Ender wrote:

> >Well, a minimal Mozilla/Win32 installation is 6MB. How can you develop
> >on Wine when you can't afford 6MB? I've just checked, and you need
> >400MB to compile Wine...
> Which is why I can't afford the space :)
> /dev/hdb1              10GB  9.1GB  415MB  96% /development
>  - Ender
I will buy you a new 60 or 80 gig HD if you need one just send me your
Addy and ill send you a check .........

Shit......... If that is all that is stoping you from doing this work 
ill step up
and spend the $$

Thomas Wickline

P.S anyone want to chip in on this ???? If not ill do it .....


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