RFC: last chance for comments on RPCSS

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sun Nov 10 14:16:25 CST 2002

Here's a WIP prototype of rpcss, again.  This time, it actually does 
something, implementing endpoint mapping and endpoint unmapping, just 
enough to successfully complete an actual rpc.  I'm still using the 
MSDN Interop example as my (only) test case -- this can be found in 
MSDN library, as "samples/VC98/sdk/NetDS/RPC/interop".  For some 
reason, the real Platform SDK doesn't include it, I think you need the 
"Visual C++ samples" (or whatever they're called) for this.  You must 
supply the client and server with the "-t ncalrpc" command-line 
argument to make it work, all other transports are broken.

This patch doesn't implement the resolve_rpc_endpoint server message 
yet, although my "final" (ya right) submission will include an untested 
implementation (I don't think the interop sample uses this API (or does 
it?) and that's the only known working test case right now).  Either 
way, my test-case somehow manages to work without it ATM.

Because I've included the changes to "configure" this time (I upgraded 
my autoconf), there's no way I can inline this patch without destroying 
it.  So, it's attached.  Sorry, Dimi :)

A couple of questions that occur to me:

 - am I leaking handles when I call CreateProcess?  how to fix?

 - it seems a little sketchy that I use the same units in my dll and
   in my exe, particularly because one has __WINE__ and the other
   doesn't.  is that a problem?  if so, how to fix?

 - I'm a little concerned that I haven't stamped out all the race
   conditions... let me know if you spot any.

Some of the code is pretty ugly and it's probably a bit on the slow 
side.  I'll attempt some cleanups, but I wouldn't expect the 
performance to improve much without an overhaul (like using overlapped 
io).  Let me know of anything you think I ought to change before 
sending it in.


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