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Vincent Béron vberon at
Sun Nov 10 19:20:33 CST 2002

Le dim 10/11/2002 à 19:49, Tony Lambregts a écrit :
> Ok there are four guides
> wine-user
> wine-devel
> winelib-user
> wine-pkg
> and three formats (extentions)
> .html
> .pdf
> .ps
> So with your patch applied I can build any of the guides in any format I choose by picking the guide and the format extention. However none of these combinations build wine-doc.html

> ie "make wine-user.html" builds just the wine users guide in html 
Correct. It's actually "make wine-user/index.html", but the point is

> you can also create the man page wint the command
> make
"make" alone will suffice. is a dependancy of all, so it'll be

> >
> >I must say that the actual target name (for multiple builds) are not
> >very good. Somebody has some ideas?
> >
> What would be wrong with the following targets
> everything    All the guides in all the formats + wine-doc.html and the 
> man page
Why only wine-doc.html? Why not wine-doc.pdf and

> allguides     All the guides in all formats + wine-doc.html
Again, why only wine-doc.html?

> allhtml       All the guides in html + wine-doc.html
> allpdf        All the guides in pdf
> allps         All the guides in ps
I ask the question again, why not wine-doc.pdf and I don't
see a reason for not building those, but I may have missed something.

Seems good to me (with the inclusion of wine-doc.pdf and .ps), with the
exception that I'd keep the "separate" targets, so that you can build
either the 4 separate guides (in whatever format you prefer), or the
whole thing in one document. Else, with everything or allguides, you get
twice each information, once in wine-doc and the other in the specific
guide. It's valid for, but not for packaging.

I'll rename the "separate" targets: wine-user, wine-devel, winelib-user,
wine-pkg. Each will build the 3 formats of the specified guide.

Recap of make targets:

doc: wine-doc.{html,pdf,ps}
guides: 4 guides in HTML, PDF, PS
(I keep those three because they're more important than the other
individual targets)
html: wine-doc.html
pdf: wine-doc.pdf

wine-user: wine-user.{html,pdf,ps}
wine-devel: wine-devel.{html,pdf,ps}
winelib-user: wine-devel.{html,pdf,ps}
wine-pkg: wine-pkg.{html,pdf,ps}
allhtml: 4 guides in HTML + wine-doc.html
allpdf: 4 guides in PDF + wine-doc.pdf
allps: 4 guides in PS +
alldoc: allhtml + allpdf + allps
everything: alldoc + man

How's that?
There's a lot of targets, I know. Too much, or is it still bearable?

> >As stated in the comments at the beginning of make_winehq, you can do
> >cvs co wine/documentation (checkout only the documentation from CVS)
> >cd wine/documentation
> >make_winehq
> >
> >and the docs will be built. You'll have the 4 separate guides plus
> >wine-doc in html, ps and pdf format (wine-doc only in html), plus
> >another set of HTML files which use some server-side includes. And
> >you'll get some tarballs of all that, including the sgml source.
> >
> >Does it make sense now?
> >
> Doh!...   I am Thick!
No problem, it's clearer for everybody now.

> Is it OK with you to put that in the documentation? or is that (TM.)

Of course you can put it in the documentation.

As a sidenote, I've almost finished doing a faq.dsl, so you'll be able
to start the conversion of what Dimitrie, Keith and Thomas did pretty


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