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Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Mon Nov 11 02:17:21 CST 2002


I have went through my closet and I have found some computer Stuff that I
no longer use. And if anyone here is in need of any of this I will be 
more than
glad to let you have it .... No strings attached.. Don't be shy to ask 
the items
are only collecting dust and taking up space. Everything works as far I 
If you are in need of one of these Items just send me a private E-Mail 
and ill send it to you.

1) 2 - 128MB PC133 SDram Chips ( Corsair )
2) 1 - Netgear 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet Card and Cables
3) 1 - Philips USB Digital Speaker system works as Analog speakers as 
well ( Model DSS 350 )
4) 1 - PS/2 Microsoft two button scroll Intellimouse
5) 1 - Microsoft SideWinder USB Force Feedback-2 JoyStick
6) 1 - 6.2 Gig Seagate HD ( used but still works )
7) 10 - 1.44 MB floppy drives
8) Ethernet, Printer & Phone Cables, Mouse Pads, HD & CD-Rom Brackets

Since Ender does not want a new HD and I offered to get him one I will send
$50.00 to the Wine Party Fund  $25.00 to Marcus Meissner & $25.00 to 
Douglas Ridgway

Thomas Wickline

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