controls/edit.c not so clean - help please

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Mon Nov 11 09:37:56 CST 2002

The following code is in the EDIT_MakeFit() function:

        if ((es->buffer_limit > 0) && (size > es->buffer_limit)) {
                return FALSE;
        if ((es->buffer_limit > 0) && (size > es->buffer_limit))
                size = es->buffer_limit;

Obviously, the second IF condition is never true, since it's the same as the 
prior IF, which does a 'return FALSE'.

EDIT_MakeFit() is ONLY called by EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel(), so it sppears that the 
second IF is attempting to limit the amount of text that is replaced to the 
buffer_limit.  Obviously, the first IF just notifies the parent that the 
limit would be exceeded, then returns without modifying the edit control.

Although EDIT_MakeFit() is only called from one place, EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel() is 
called all over the place, enumerated below.  Can anyone tell me if any of 
these invocations should (a) fail without replacing, (b) replace the limited 
amount of text, or (c) ignore the limit?

EDIT_WM_Clear() - Processes WM_CLEAR message - I assume it's moot here...
Processing of EM_REPLACESEL message.  See note below...
EDIT_EM_Undo() - Processes EM_UNDO and WM_UNDO messages
EDIT_WM_Char() - Process WM_CHAR message
EDIT_WM_Create() - Processes WM_CREATE message - I assume it's moot here...
EDIT_WM_Paste - Process WM_PASTE message
EDIT_WM_SetText - Process WM_SETTEXT message.  See note below...

Note:  Under the message EM_LIMITTEXT, MSDN states that WM_SETTEXT will not 
adhear to the limit, but doesn't mention any other text modification 
messages.  The man pages for the other messages do not mention how it's 
action is effected by the limit.  MSDN does state "The EM_LIMITTEXT message 
limits only the text the user can enter."

Unfortunately, I don't have a MS Windows box readily available to test some of 
these things out on...

- - - - - - - - - 

Another question about this code from controls/edit.c/EDIT_WM_Char():

        /* Protect read-only edit control from modification */
        if(es->style & ES_READONLY)
            return;  /* BECAUSE OF THIS... */

        control = GetKeyState(VK_CONTROL) & 0x8000;

        switch (c) {
        case '\r':
            /* If the edit doesn't want the return and it's not a multiline 
edit, do nothing */
            if(!(es->style & ES_MULTILINE) && !(es->style & ES_WANTRETURN))
        case '\n':
                if (es->style & ES_MULTILINE) {
                        if (es->style & ES_READONLY) {

/* ... WE NEVER GET HERE! */

                                EDIT_MoveHome(es, FALSE);
                                EDIT_MoveDown_ML(es, FALSE);
                        } else {
                                static const WCHAR cr_lfW[] = {'\r','\n',0};
                                EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel(es, TRUE, cr_lfW, TRUE, 

The place that I marked "/* BECAUSE OF THIS... */" means that the code marked 
by "/* ... WE NEVER GET HERE! */" will never get executed.

My question:  In a read only multiline edit control, should a newline move the 
cursor to the beginning of the next line of text in the control?  (I could 
make this change, but don't have any way of testing it...)

- - - - -

Thanks for the help,


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