controls/edit.c not so clean - help please

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Nov 11 10:43:08 CST 2002

"Carl Sopchak" <carl.sopchak at> wrote:

> The following code is in the EDIT_MakeFit() function:
>         if ((es->buffer_limit > 0) && (size > es->buffer_limit)) {
>                 return FALSE;
>         }
>         if ((es->buffer_limit > 0) && (size > es->buffer_limit))
>                 size = es->buffer_limit;
> Obviously, the second IF condition is never true, since it's the same as the 
> prior IF, which does a 'return FALSE'.

Apparently the second IF can be removed. Regarding your EM_LIMITTEXT/WM_SETTEXT
question: only a test program can answer your question.


> Another question about this code from controls/edit.c/EDIT_WM_Char():


> The place that I marked "/* BECAUSE OF THIS... */" means that the code marked 
> by "/* ... WE NEVER GET HERE! */" will never get executed.
> My question:  In a read only multiline edit control, should a newline move the 
> cursor to the beginning of the next line of text in the control?

Under Windows2000 pressing Enter does nothing in the read-only edit control.

For obvious cases please send a patch (in a diff -u format).



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