KHTML/IWebBrowser [Was: Help Support]

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at
Mon Nov 11 15:39:41 CST 2002

> I was initially confused, because from TrollTech's website, KDE is
> illegal. It links QT, a GPL'ed library as far as TrollTech claim, against
> LGPL'ed libraries. Which is in violation of the GPL.
> [See:]
> Basically, KDE and TrollTech are being quite inconsistant. As long as we
> remove QT dependancy from the khtml/kjs libraries, we can implement it in
> WINE. As the code currently stands, khtml/kjs (and a bunch of other KDE
> libraries) are in violation of their own licensing :)


When did you look last time at your linux distribution, specifically at the 
glibc license... yup, it's... LGPL'd... does it means that linking a GPL'd 
program against LGPL library is illegal? nope, it's very legal..

Same case here. kdelibs are LGPL'd (some with artistic license, some with BSD 
license, etc) are ALLOWED to be linked to GPL'd program, which is also what 
QT is - a GPL (and QPL) license.

Do you think that TrollTech wouldn't do anything if it was illegal? after all, 
the KDE is their number 1 "customer" ;)


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