Wine, bugs and Word2k ...

Paul Millar paulm at
Tue Nov 12 06:15:28 CST 2002


I've been trying out wine with Word 2000 using builtin DLLs, both in
desktop and managed mode.  Mostly it works fine, but there's a few
problems that detract from the "user experience".  Any pointers on where
to start looking for these bugs would be much appreciated -- relay is
around 46 MiB before any of the problems surface :^/

1.  Whenever word decides to run their help agent, on my machine
    C:\WINDOWS\Msagent\AGENTSVR.EXE, I get messages:
        fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent( 4, <HWND 1>, -3, 0)-stub!
        fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent( 5, <HWND 1>, -3, 0)-stub!
        fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent( 32773, <HWND 2>, -4, 0)-stub!
    Word and the agent then freezes.  Killing off the agent, e.g.
       "kill $(ps ax|grep wine.*AGEN|awk '{print $1}')"
    allows word to recover ...

2.  Dragging a dialogue box around causes a corruption on the screen (see 
    [1]).  When I release the button, the window moves, along with any 
    corruption.  Forcing a refresh (eg hiding the desktop window behind 
    another one), clears up the corruption. 

3. Normal resizing works fine, but word has an extra resizable corner 
   (which isn't rendered correctly under wine, see [2]).  This has had 
   variable success in the past: when it fails, the window is resized so
   the left edge of the window shoots off the left edge of the screen, 
   seemingly ignoring whatever the mouse does. With current CVS it seems 
   to always fail in this way.

4. Exiting word, it tries to save NORMAL.DOT, saying
      "The disk is full or too many files are open.
      fixme:storage:StorageImpl_Commit (4): stub!
      fixme:storage:StorageImpl_Commit (4): stub!
      fixme:storage:StorageImpl_Commit (4): stub!
      fixme:ole:WriteFmtUserTypeStg (0x402b5550,17c,L"Microsoft Word 
                                     Document") stub!
      fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32774,0x00030031,52,3)-stub!
      fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32773,0x00030031,-4,33)-stub!
      fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32774,0x00030031,26,7)-stub!
      fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32777,0x00030031,52,0)-stub!
      fixme:hook:NotifyWinEvent (32774,0x00030031,52,3)-stub!
   So I guess the storage is at fault.

5. Exiting Word causes wine to crash. This used to work ok (upto a few 
   days ago). Backtrace shows a few random references to _end+0xd27f0 
   (etc..), followed by PE_InitDLL (pe_image.c:628 nt=1, 
   module=1140195328, type=0, lpReserved=0x01), followed by module.c:159 
   .... seems to be trying to initialise winmm.dll, failing and jumping 
   into blue yonder.

   On a whim, I reversed Eric's recent always-unload-winmm patch [3]. This 
   "fixed" the problem. So, is wine attempting (and failing) to load winmm 
   in order to unload it?

(6. The debugger froze whilst trying to dereference the wm pointer in 
    MODULE_InitDLL, it managed to print some of the structure before
    hanging ... but I think that's enough bugs for now ...)



[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
Paul Millar

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