Cool Edit Pro vs. Wine/WineX

Tom Hibbert cartel at
Mon Nov 11 19:43:41 CST 2002

Hi all,

In my continuing quest for some kind of professional-level audio editing under
Linux, I today tried to get Cool Edit Pro 2 to run using Wine/WineX. Both were
able to install the demo version successfully but only WineX was able to make 
it start at all. Under WineX, the splash screen displayed successfully but 
appeared to hang when the application attempted "Resetting Menus".

When I ran a trace it appeared that the application entered some kind of 
infinite loop, continually rescanning its plugins menu entries, and then
entering into some kind of argument with xfs over which fonts were and werent
available, before beginning the loop again.

Any tips would be most appreciated.

Tom Hibbert
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