Wine, bugs and Word2k ...

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Nov 12 13:07:44 CST 2002

> 5. Exiting Word causes wine to crash. This used to work ok (upto a few
>    days ago). Backtrace shows a few random references to _end+0xd27f0
>    (etc..), followed by PE_InitDLL (pe_image.c:628 nt=1,
>    module=1140195328, type=0, lpReserved=0x01), followed by module.c:159
>    .... seems to be trying to initialise winmm.dll, failing and jumping
>    into blue yonder.
>    On a whim, I reversed Eric's recent always-unload-winmm patch [3]. This
>    "fixed" the problem. So, is wine attempting (and failing) to load winmm
>    in order to unload it?
could you send me a -debugmsg +winmm,+relay trace of this one ?

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