ReadFile speedup

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Nov 12 15:50:54 CST 2002

> A new version, replacing the earlier.
> I tested this with a few applications, looks like for most of applications
> this has not much effect. However, wzebra proves that the effect can be
> enourmous on some. (And Simcity tellls that it can be negative on some
> applications :-(
> Changelog:
> - - This patch speeds up applications reading files by small packets
> - - 4 static 512 byte buffers (can be defined for n * n buffers, see file.c)
> - - Buffer invalidation mechanism changed. With several buffers this *should*
> fix the reported (thans to Tony Lambregts) slowdown on SIMCITY2000. I haven't
> got it, cannot test. Please test and see -debugmsg +file, it can give a hint
> about needed buffers and their sizes.
just a dumb question: shouldn't we better (for synchronous unix reads)
convert the fd into a FILE* (cache those FILEs for a few streams, or all
of them ?) and let libc do the buffering on file reading/writing ?


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