Documentation & HowTo -- 0r just Documentation ?

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Tue Nov 12 21:17:55 CST 2002

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

> Hi all,
> Please note that the FAQ, and the TODO got moved to a
> new location:

B. Documentation work

    1. Fix incomplete and/or out of date documentation. [IN PROGRESS]
           * workers: Dustin Navea, Tony Lambregts
           * status: 7.5% complete (first round of patches submitted, 
help would be appreciated)
           * updated: Nov 10, 2002

Is this to update all the documentation ?
So there will be just *ONE* section for documentation in the
future and not two correct ?

Official Wine documentation

Or will there be a HowTo and Documentation ?
As the HowTo is documentation --moot


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