dsl file for sgml faq

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Wed Nov 13 22:15:21 CST 2002

Vincent Béron wrote:

>Finally, it's done.
>In the attached archive you'll find the following files:
>wine-faq.sgml -> Main sgml file
>faq-0.sgml \
>faq-1.sgml  |-> Content sgml files
>faq-2.sgml /
>faq.css -> CSS file for the FAQ
>index.html -> The output of docbook2html -d faq.dsl wine-faq.sgml
>authors.ent -> same as in documentation/, wasn't needed actually.
>faq.dsl -> Definition file for docbook. This is where the work went. I
>modify a few docbook definitions to match Dimitrie's layout. Not obvious
>without knowing LISP beforehand :)
>Of course, if somebody chooses another layout, some of this will need
>adjustment. Or if we prefer something closer to "vanilla" docbook.
>Dimitrie, the actual HTML code is rather ugly in it's source
>presentation, so don't hand-edit it :P Anyway, it's not meant to be
>hand-edited, that's what sgml and docbook are for. The layout is exactly
>what you already have, although with some small modifications to the
>layout the dsl file can be alot simpler.
>Tony, you can begin the transition if Dimitrie likes it (and when you
>have the time to).
>That's all for tonight.
I have been fighting with trying to get your sample built on my system. 
The end point for me seems to be that in order to use your faq.dsl I 
need docbook DTD 4.2. RedHat 7.2 has  Docbook 3.0 through 4.1 but  4.1 
just does not cut it.

jade:../faq.dsl:50:24:E: reference to undefined variable 

The sgml tools  site  has only 3.0/2

So I feel very THICK  and ned some enlightenment  on what direction to 
take either.

1) It seems pointless to rely on something (docBook 4.2 DTD) that is 
difficult to get, so no one will use it so, no one will maintain the FAQ.

2) I am THICK and I it will be quickly apparent what I should do once I 
have more informatioin.


Tony Lambregts

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