Filesystem change notifications

Marcus Meissner mm at
Thu Nov 14 02:51:22 CST 2002

> > Fam requires portmapper. If not set up properly (i.e. by someone who
> > understands what they are letting loose) portmapper can be a serious
> > security problem. The security community regard the introduction of fam
> > a serious backward step on RH's part.
> >
> > KDE etc might use it but they do not _need_ it.
> >
> > You are also assuming that every distro follows RH's lead which is very
> > definitely not true. Many people are already getting upset about the
> > number of libraries that are required to get some packages to run.
> > GNUCash being a prime example of package use gone mad.
> >
> Can you suggest a superior alternative?

Check up on directory notifications in Linux. A way cool thing. 

- catch SIGIO ...
- fcntl(fd, F_NOTIFY, DN_xxx|DN_yyy);

Ciao, Marcus

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