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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Thu Nov 14 12:47:02 CST 2002

Vincent Béron wrote:

> Tony Lambregts a écrit:
>> I have been fighting with trying to get your sample built on my 
>> system. The end point for me seems to be that in order to use your 
>> faq.dsl I need docbook DTD 4.2. RedHat 7.2 has  Docbook 3.0 through 
>> 4.1 but  4.1 just does not cut it.
>> jade:../faq.dsl:50:24:E: reference to undefined variable 
>> "$generate-article-lot-list$"
>> The sgml tools  site  has only 3.0/2
>> So I feel very THICK  and ned some enlightenment  on what direction 
>> to take either.
>> 1) It seems pointless to rely on something (docBook 4.2 DTD) that is 
>> difficult to get, so no one will use it so, no one will maintain the 
>> FAQ.
> Silly me, not thinking about others. It runs fine with docbook 3.1 
> (modify the doctype at top of wine-faq.sgml) if you remove the 
> articleinfo pair (but you can keep the title).
>> 2) I am THICK and I it will be quickly apparent what I should do once 
>> I have more informatioin.
> You're NOT thick! It's just that I do things here (on my machine), and 
> I don't always check if it would work on other machines.
> Vincent
When I made the suggested changes I still get the same error...

[tony at tony documentation]$ db2html -d ../faq.dsl wine-faq.sgml
output is wine-faq
Using catalogs: /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook-3.1.cat
Using stylesheet: ../faq.dsl
Working on: /usr/local/src/wine/documentation/wine-faq.sgml
jade:../faq.dsl:50:24:E: reference to undefined variable 

No ouput....


Tony Lambregts

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