Fw: Re: Filesystem change notifications

Ian Pilcher pilchman at attbi.com
Thu Nov 14 13:03:38 CST 2002

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> It's not that I am for adding everything inline. That's not a good idea.
> Also, I think a Windows compatibility layer can be forgiven for having
> more dependancies than a personal finance program. This holds especially
> true if non-core windows functionality is only available if the external
> library is available at runtime (i.e. - no fribidi install - no Hebrew
> support in Wine. No CUPS installed - no printing available etc.). I'm
> not sure this holds true to something which is a core Windows function.

That would be the plan.  No FAM header at compile time, no change
notification support (i.e. current behavior); can't load FAM library or
connect to FAM daemon at runtime, no change notification support.

Ian Pilcher                                           pilchman at attbi.com

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