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Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Fri Nov 15 00:20:46 CST 2002


I have been looking over the  FAQ and we have
a question in the FAQ " What is the History of Wine"

And after talking with Dimi Paun I would like to expand this to a
" Wine Time Line" page that could be updated a couple times a year.

This would give users info about wine's progression & events that
took place over the years.

Here is a draft of the first year 1993/1994..... Done by  _Robert Amstadt_


A discussion began on USENET about the feasibility of running Windows
apps on Linux.  There were some people that said that it is impossible.
This didn't sit well with Robert Amstadt so he began work to prove them 
He started out by writing a program loader for Win3.1 apps.  Alexandre 
merged windowing functions written by Peter MacDonald in Tcl/Tk
to the program loader written by Robert.  Alexandre soon after rewrote
everything to eliminate the Tcl/Tk in favor of direct calls to Xlib.
Eric Youngdale also contributed early in many areas including
improvements to the program loader.

The very first Wine mailing list was operated by Robert to allow 
between developers.  After a year with many successes and growing
interest in the project we asked for the creation of the newsgroup  The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of
its creation.

Around the same time, Robert was asked to give a presentation about Wine at
the first Linux Congress in Heidelberg, Germany.  The room was packed.
Interest in Wine was very high.

During the first year of development, most of the code was written by
Alexandre Julliard and Robert Amstadt.  However, we have always received
contributions of code from many people.  Life got busy for Robert and he
stepped  down as head of the project and let Alexandre take control.
It was probably sometime during the second year.


Thoughts, Volinteers, Flames are most welcome..


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