Fw: Re: Filesystem change notifications

Jeff Smith whydoubt at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 15 16:18:13 CST 2002

>It's not that I am for adding everything inline. That's not a good idea. 
>Also, I think a Windows compatibility layer can be forgiven for having more 
>dependancies than a personal finance program. This holds especially true if 
>non-core windows functionality is only available if the external library is 
>available at runtime (i.e. - no fribidi install - no Hebrew support in 
>Wine. No CUPS installed - no printing available etc.). I'm not sure this 
>holds true to something which is a core Windows function.
>                Shachar

I totally agree.  And although we don't want to fall into
"dependency hell", one has to consider we are trying provide
a layer of compatibilty for an OS that is known for the same.
So I think selective dependencies, as Shachar mentions, are
perfectly reasonable.

I don't mind a dependecy on FAM, but I could be biased, as I
already installed it for the associated KDE functionality.
If inserted as a conditional dependency, the fallback position
if it is not present is no worse than the current position.

Just my two centi-dollars.

  -- Jeff S

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