wineoss MIDI help

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Fri Nov 15 22:49:51 CST 2002

I have several programs that require MIDI support.  When I try to run them I 

err:midi:OSS_MidiInit ioctl on midi info for device 0 failed.

This comes from line 274 of dlls/winmm/wineoss/midi.c
When this error is encountered, the /dev/sequencer is closed and 

I have determined that my card indicates having two midi devices.  Only the
second supports the SNDCTL_MIDI_INFO ioctl.  But midi.c never gets to the
second because of the first.  I have tried some simple hacks, but have not
accomplished anything notable.

Anybody got any insights as to a simple fix?  If not, would I be better off
delving into wineoss or getting the first MIDI device of the emu10k1 driver 
handle MIDI_INFO? ;-)

-- Jeff S

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