Font selection - please review

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sat Nov 16 07:47:24 CST 2002

Huw D M Davies wrote:

>CHARSET_DEFAULT is translated to the charset assosicated with the
>current ansi codepage in
>dlls/gdi/freetype.c:WineEngCreateFontInstance(). This of course only
>works if you're using client side rendered fonts (this becomes easier
>as of last night as you don't even need a RENDER capable XServer
But that only covers some execution paths. I was trying to opt for a 
more general solution, not a X11 specific one.

>  CreateFontIndirect is definitely the wrong place for these
>kind of fixups since GetOject on the hfont always returns the original
>logfont values.  If you need to get this working for X11 fonts then
>you'll have to poke around in graphics/x11drv/xfont.c somewhere...
Not good enough. See my later explanation.

>I hadn't spotted the brokenness of the Win32 API with regard to
>certain elements of logfont being set to zero giving a DEFAULT_CHARSET
>font.  In fact it turns out that even if lfFaceName[0] != 0 then you
>still get this behaviour if the name doesn't match an installed
>fontname.  The attached patch should fix this.
It's more than that. It seems almost like WHENEVER a LOGOFNT is 
sufficiently non-sensical, the default charset is used instead. In my 
windows testing, if I zeroed everything and requested zero hieght font, 
I get the DEFAULT_CHARSET. If, leaving everything else zero, I request 
10 height font, I get ANS_CHARSET (zero). If I ask for 30, however, I 
get DEFAULT all over again. Is that wierd or what?

I will have to look into that. In my mind at the moment there is the 
impression that doing that at that late a stage is too late. I am not 
100% sure, however, that this impression is correct.

In any case, thanks for the very constructive feedback.


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