Wine with .NET?

Marcus Brubaker aurelius.marcus at
Sat Nov 16 17:23:48 CST 2002

Have you heard of Mono yet?

I'm not sure of the status of Visual Studio on wine though.

On Sat, 2002-11-16 at 13:43, Fredrick P. Lackey wrote:
> By the way, I would PREFER to use Wine and NOT VMWare.  I guess I
> should have mentioned that.
> Thanx,
> Fred
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>         Ladies and Gentlemen,
>         I am a Microsoft developer and currently pushing the
>         capabilities of the .NET Framework.  On that same note, I am
>         considering moving my laptop to some version of Linux (either
>         Solaris v8.0 or Red Hat).  I assumed that I would need to use
>         VMWare or some equivalent to continue using Visual Studio
>         .NET.  Can anyone give me some advice?
>         Many thanx,
>         Fred Lackey
>         Orlando, Florida
Marcus Brubaker <aurelius.marcus at>

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